The Ethical Choice Collection

When future generations judge those who came before them on environmental issues, they may conclude “they didn’t know”: let us not go down in history as the generations who knew, but didn’t care. MIKHAIL SERGEEVICH GORBACHEV

The next Cadica Ethical Choice collection will focus on products created with sustainable materials and techniques: recycling, reuse, use of natural or organic raw materials. From September 2018 we will present a specific collection, with a detailed description about all compositions and technical features, for customers who are increasingly attentive to the environmental and ethical impact of fashion accessories.


To surprise you, we have chosen to use a particular paper as base for the Ethical collection, created with a sustainable process: it comes from the recycling of polyester and cotton labels coming directly from our sample’s waste.

We have personally delivered the discarded labels to the paper factory and assisted to the process where the labels are macerated and combined only with plant glues and water. We can say that we have created beautiful collection pages with a minimal environmental impact, reusing labels that would have been thrown away and allowing them to have a ‘second life’.

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